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Home Sweet Home : in town, at the seaside, at the countryside… or just here.

« La Villa » is a restaurant where you can afford to have a timeless moment in Luxembourg, a moment to yourself, for and with them, to get together and share.

Located in Luxembourg, in Pulvermühl quarter, this restaurant will do everything possible to make you feel at home in a new environment.

A restaurant with 3 terraces on different levels to enjoy eating out in winter or having a lounge in the sun in summer.

A Family History.

La Villa Restaurant is also a family history, a passion history

First, owners in love with the finest cuisine, travel enthusiasts: they have gathered in this place everything that is dear to their heart and they have recreated in one space a plurality of what they had loved most.

A desire to share and make you discover the pleasures of life, a place, their place!

The History Of The Place.

Listed in the historical heritage of the city of Luxembourg, this building is a place rich of a 100-year old history where Luxembourg institutions were based.


L'Hôtel des Rochers 


L'institution Maxim


Restaurant La Villa D'este


La Villa