Michelin 1Star 2022

Cuisine of the terroir
& Varied influences

Respect for nature and environmental responsibility 

Combining gastronomic cuisine and environmental responsibility is the primary aim of the couple in charge of La Villa de Camille et Julien. A return to the sources, nature and respect for ecosystems are part of the values Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas particularly hold dear.

The Chef favours freshwater fish, for example, in order to promote terroir-based cuisine and help avoid overfishing. He also strives to reduce waste by using all of his ingredients, while varying them to create surprises for the taste buds.

Built on these sustainable values, La Villa de Camille et Julien offer a virtuous, plant-based and seasonal cuisine. The Chef works mainly with local produce and some of the vegetables and herbs even come from their restaurant’s kitchen garden. The cuisine crafted by Chef Julien Lucas is both rooted in the terroir of Luxembourg and marked by French know-how.

Pan-Fried Foie Gras

A taste for travel

Before working together at their Villa in Pulvermühl , Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas travelled frequently, particularly in the pursuit of their respective careers. 

Born in Lorraine, Chef Julien Lucas has returned to a terroir that he knows well and wants to promote in Luxembourg. Over the course of his overseas stays, he has developed a singular boldness, as well as a desire to explore and combine flavours in different ways, for example by coming up with new approaches to working with local produce. 

The establishment’s wine menu is a reflection of this taste for naturalness and boldness. Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas invite their guests to discover real gems, sourced from organic and independent vineyards for example.  

Located on the floor above, the smoking room and its private terrace offer an ideal setting in which to extend the experience and sample the establishment’s superb range of spirits and cigars, all of which were discovered during the couple’s travels.