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La Villa, gastronomic restaurant in Luxembourg


A gastronomic restaurant in the City of Luxembourg, La Villa de Camille et Julien celebrates the meeting of Luxembourg’s terroir and French culinary know-how. The elegance of the building, which is listed as heritage of the City of Luxembourg, is attractively understated. 

In June 2020, Chef Julien Lucas and his wife Camille Tardif took over the reins of this restaurant in the City of Luxembourg, with its hundred-year-old history, to write new pages in its story. 

With the refined and responsible cuisine, tasteful interior, warm welcome and attentive service, all the ingredients are there to make guests feel at home. There are also three terraces that make La Villa de Camille et Julien a pleasant place to dine in all seasons. On the floor above, the smoking room offers a comfortable and peaceful setting in which to extend the experience and sample the selection of Havana cigars. 

vegetable garden

Gastronomic restaurant
in Luxembourg: a couple’s dream

In 2008, while working in Polynesia, the couple’s paths met, beginning a story that has taken them on a personal and professional journey. 

Based on their complementarity and expertise in the worlds of gastronomy and the art of receiving, they very naturally decided to open their restaurant in the City of Luxembourg .

La Villa de Camille et Julien is first and foremost the story of a meeting .

Julien Lucas, a Michelin-starred chef, cut his teeth working alongside big names in gastronomy (such as Joël Robuchon, Bernard Loiseau and Alain Ducasse) and is the fourth generation in a family of restaurant owners. With a background in luxury hotels, Camille Tardif learned her trade working in prestigious groups such as Four Seasons and Relais et Châteaux. 

Responsible cuisine

Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas have both spent many years working overseas. Both nature lovers and concerned with the climate challenges we face, they have made a strong commitment to the environment. 
Adopting a thoughtful and sustainable approach to cuisine, Julien Lucas places great importance in the choice of ingredients he uses (including seasonal produce, freshwater fish to respect fishing quotas, and the reduction of plastic use in the dining room and kitchen). 

In their restaurant in the City of Luxembourg, Camille and Julien Lucas are revisiting tradition as they combine ecology with gastronomic cuisine.  

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