Camille Tardif & Julien Lucas 

Two paths, a single passion 

La Villa de Camille et Julien is the story of a new page of a couple’s life, in the city and at work. For Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas, the opening of their gastronomic restaurant is like the arrival of a new child in their family. 

This couple’s project was born of a need to unite around their shared passion: offering guests a cuisine based on the local terroir, plants and a demanding attitude , served in a warm, elegant setting, where they can feel at home. 

Chef Julien Lucas was previously the executive chef of the prestigious Auberge du Jeu de Paume in Chantilly, France. He notably received the G7 Finance Ministers there in 2019. A reflection of his contagious passion and the “family spirit” he creates, his entire team followed him from Chantilly to Luxembourg in 2020 to be part of the staff at La Villa de Camille et Julien

A commitment to the

Camille Tardif and Julien Lucas seek to highlight the terroir of Luxembourg through France’s special culinary tradition and art of living. With a desire to protect the environment and develop sustainable practices, they have set themselves the challenge of combining gastronomic cuisine and a commitment to the environment. 

With a firm belief in the importance of adopting a sustainable approach, Chef Julien Lucas seeks out new ways to practise his art through an “engaged cuisine”. 

Using seasonal produce, such as the ingredients from La Villa’s vegetable garden, and short supply chains, he does not hesitate to drop traditional gastronomic dishes from the menu. Located far from the seas and oceans, he gives pride of place to freshwater fish and produce from the forest, developing a plant-based cuisine that includes heirloom vegetables, for example.